“COOL” a thing after which the complete youth is running is really not coolness but instead foolishness. In today’s generation cool is the fact boy/girl that is popular on web 2 . 0, cool is always that person who dress well so that you can impress others(no matter even if celebrate the person uncomfortable). The common phrase that “INDIANS RE SHEEPS”is really justified by our leaders, that is certainly our youth. If something is trending on social networking then everyone attempts to copy it and thinks it’s going to be uncool as we don’t follow what’s served on social websites it could be a rubbish challenges or bullying someone, everyone attempts to imitate it without believing that this actually brings about look foolish in lieu of COOL. Well we must stop and think that what exactly is BEING COOL. Cool just isn’t that individual that wears branded clothes, watches or drive expensive bikes rather cool is the fact person who wears what he wants and carry himself confidently and worry about what others will say. Cool isn’t that girl who wear short clothes so as to grab attention even when those clothes makes her uncomfortable rather cool is the fact lady who dances like maniac even when she is deemed as crazy by her fellow beings. Cool isn’t that girl who torture her body for getting slim figure so as to be integrate the unrealistic beauty standards of society, rather cool is the fact girl that’s fat but carry herself like she owns the globe. Cool just isn’t that individual who does what so many people are doing just to integrate the society, rather cool is the fact that person who follows his/ her heart and challenge her/his self to accomplish what they have dreamt of regardless of whether it requires standing other than crowd. Cool isn’t that one who just sits and pass comments for the passerby but cool is the fact person who doesn’t answer those comments. We are now living in a society where BEING COOL might be more important than fulfilling their dreams. Our youth must fully accept that coolness will not be about faking something rather coolness is definitely being yourself. We just ought to broaden our horizon about COOLNESS of course only we which is youth may bring the change what we should want to see on other occasions. Coolness is simply a mind-set, it’s nothing to do with social status or perhaps your outside appearance.

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