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Power girl vs venom

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Kara Zor-L was born on the Earth-Two version of the doomed planet of Krypton just before it was destroyed, and her origin story mirrors those of her famous Kryptonian relatives, Superman and her counterpart, Supergirl. When Kara's father, Zor-L, realized that Krypton was about to explode, he placed his infant daughter on a spaceship and shot it towards Earth. This occurred at the same time that the infant Kal-L Kara's cousin and the Superman of Earth-Two had also been launched on a ship towards Earth. To ensure that Kara's mental development kept pace with her physical growth, the ship provided her with a virtual reality that gave her life experiences and education as if she had grown up on Krypton rather than in stasis. During her long journey through space, she was able to interact with virtual copies of her parents and friends in her home city of Kandor.
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Power Girl

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Power Girl vs Venom PornComix - HD Porn Comix

Author's Note: I know I said that Wonder Woman was next but I'm still having a bit of trouble working out some of the kinks in that particular chapter so I hope this can hold you over until then, I hope you guys like it! Disclaimer: Any and all Marvel characters belong to Marvel and in turn Disney, I do not own them or have anything to do with them in any way. Peter Parker had definitely not been expecting his day to play out quite the way it had, a short train ride over to the pristine city of Metropolis to cover a story on its very own son, Superman. Apparently Peter was the greatest photographer on the Eastern seaboard, and as such was covering the story with the best journalist. Unfortunately for him, the best journalist was all the way on the other side of the world so he had to settle for second best, a mild mannered reporter by the name of Clark Kent. But Peter wasn't an idiot, he knew what Clark Kent did in his spare time. Being friends with Batman had its benefits….
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Dc's Girl Power vs Marvel

LiroyJenkins said:. Regular Hulk isn't even close to Superman's level of strength, Kara has too many abilities to stomp Hulk with. CitizenBane said:.
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Power Girl is the cousin of DC's flagship hero Superman , but from an alternate universe in the fictional multiverse in which DC Comics stories are set. Originally hailing from the world of Earth-Two, first envisioned as the home of DC's wartime heroes as published in s comic books, Power Girl becomes stranded on the main universe where DC stories are set, and becomes acquainted with that world's Superman and her own counterpart, Supergirl. In common with Supergirl's origin story, she is the daughter of Superman's aunt and uncle and a native of the planet Krypton.

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