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Get aids from oral sex

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I have a question regarding transmission. I am HIV positive and have a low viral load under and am not yet on medication. I always use condoms for anal intercourse but my questions relate to oral sex. Also, if the HIV positive receptive partner has blood in the mouth — could they possibly infect a negative partner. I guess it all relates to the level of risk someone is willing to accept so I was hoping you might have some data e. Are there any recent studies to clarify the level of risk and also which reports would you regard as the most accurate?
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What STIs can you get from oral sex?

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STIs and oral sex: What infections can you get from oral sex?

As the risk of transmission through oral sex is estimated to be much lower than for vaginal and anal intercourse in the absence of antiretroviral therapy, it is implausible that the risk of transmission through oral sex is not affected in the same way as other sexual transmission risks when effective treatment suppresses viral load. When HIV is not fully supressed, the risk of HIV transmission through the mouth is certainly smaller than through vaginal or anal intercourse. If undamaged, the tissues of the mouth and throat are thought to be less susceptible to infection than genital or anal tissues, and an enzyme in saliva also acts to inhibit HIV. Very few cases of transmission through oral sex have been reported amongst gay men despite the continued practice of oral sex often with ejaculation into the mouth by large numbers of men over many years. There are no reliable reports of HIV being transmitted from the mouth to the genitals. Cases of transmission via cunnilingus are extremely rare, and the reliability of these reports is questionable.
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What infections can I catch through oral sex?

Your trusted suppliers of home testing devices since Click here to shop - Only Available in South Africa. Since there is a transference of body fluids during oral sex the Aids virus can be transmitted during this act. Blood, semen, male pre-seminal fluid cum and female vaginal fluid could contain the virus and the cells in the mucus membranes in your mouth could allow the virus to enter your body and in this way infect you.
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It is possible with any transfer of any body fluid, the chances just change depending on what fluid, how transfered, how much and how often. Oral sex carries less risk than vaginal or anal. There is still a risk.
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