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Sudden adult cat seizures

27 3 months ago
Although dogs are the pets most likely to have seizures, older cats have an increased tendency to them. If your aging kitty suddenly has a seizure after a lifetime of good health, take him to the vet immediately. Most seizures are caused by an underlying condition that should be addressed. Seizure symptoms can vary depending on the cat and the severity of the seizure itself. With a mild seizure, your kitty might "space out," staring off with a blank look in her eyes, or she might simply fall over. With more severe seizures, the behavior can include mild to violent twitching, paddling the legs and running around blindly.
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Most Common Causes of Seizures in Dogs

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Seizures - Diagnosis and treatment - Mayo Clinic

Remove other pets that could harm your cat from the room and call a veterinarian right away. Seizures are characterized by sudden, violent movements of the body, disorientation, and uncontrollable twitching, among other symptoms. Cats may have a single seizure, or experience multiple seizures in a matter of minutes. Although treatment is usually not given until your cat has experienced multiple seizures, you should still take him to a vet after the first episode. There are two main types of seizures that your cat may experience: partial and generalized seizures, although the former is more common in cats.
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Causes of seizures

Most veterinarians will agree that seizures can be a terrifying event for cat families to witness and no wonder: The definition of a seizure is a sudden, abnormal and disorganized discharge of electrical impulses from brain cells. Just reading that description is frightening. Cats experiencing a seizure may abruptly and violently thrash about, chomp their teeth, drool, lose consciousness and often urinate or defecate. What causes these traumatic events and what can you do if one occurs? Since a seizure is characterized as a disorganized activity of brain cells, it is not surprising that a variety of brain disorders, as well as a hemorrhage in the brain, can cause one.
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Seizures in adult people take place because of a brain disorder referred as epilepsy, which occurs when specific nerve cells present in the brain misfire. Seizures affect the behavior of human beings or the way, in which they perceive the surrounding things for a specified interval. Seizure takes place whenever a burst of various electrical impulses presents in the human brain escape their regular normal limits. They spread across many nearby areas to create an uncontrolled electrical activity storm. Moreover, the transmission of electrical impulses results in convulsions or twitches.
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